did i really SD 6 times in grand finals tonight

im not even mad

im just shocked wow

I took out 8 stocks in a crew battle a tourney I went to today and I was considered the most hype player. HECK YEAH!

I’m finally fully convinced I play badly under pressure, but if it’s a lot of pressure I play almost flawlessly. It’s weird.

What I got from SDCC in the past 5 days:

  • Daft Yin Yang Shirt ($15)
  • Smash Bros Fight Club Shirt ($15) (Not shown)
  • Brachydios Plushie ($35.50)
  • Zinogre Plushie ($35.50)
  • Nargacuga Plushie ($38)
  • Rathian Plushie ($20)
  • Yian Kut Ku Plushie ($20)
  • Aluminum Monster Hunter Case ($10)
  • Munchkin: Pathfinder ($25)
  • Boss Monster ($25)
  • Boss Monster Expansion Pack ($10)

I am broke now. <3


Pokemon Spectrum | by gogoatt



I’d quit playing if this happened to me tbh

here it is

forever reblog walgreens drake

I’ll continue to be inactive until Tuesday because I will be attending SDCC until the very last day, then I have a Smash tourney on Monday.

Sorry ‘bout that cool cats




for those who don’t know, someone saw Axe working at Walgreens and made a facebook page about him, and what makes it even funnier is that it was a random person who made it, not a smasher

Walgreens Drake, started at the top, and now hes here.


Finished coloring this. Hope Jake approves. As a Mega Man fan, I’m sure he knows the feeling


Susan Hiller - Channels (2013)